Global Advisors


AREION brings innovation to companies, organizations, and countries that, otherwise, would lack the ability obtaining state of the art technologies. We are a boutique advisory firm, specializing in New Automotive (Autonomous Driving, Electro Mobility, HiD Energy Storage), Renewable Energy (Wind Power, Cold Fusion, Hydrogen) and Defense (Gyrocopter/ Aerospace, Protection Equipment, Emerging Technologies). We not only strategize and plan, we execute in key executive positions by working directly with and for our clients.

It started in 2007 when we partnered with a European technology foundation and state-sponsored bank, industrial engineers, and automation specialists, in order to evaluate the potential to manufacture highly efficient building materials for commercial buildings and disaster shelter structures.

In 2009, we worked with a team from Asia and the Americas developing a plan to integrate flow-accelerating surfaces and compressed air storage techniques in wind power plants as part of one of largest infrastructure projects to date.

Since the beginning, we focus on enabling entities to become change agents in their respective fields. One of our clients was named Global Trader of the Year by the Leading Technology Business Association in the Midwest. We enabled another client to collaborate with one of the largest Asian car makers on electric powertrain technology.

In 2010, now under the AREION brand, we advised the second largest Tier 1 automotive supplier on its global chemical spend, in order to ensure a smooth path through the toughest commodity markets in company history.

We specialize in full-scale M&A due diligence projects, such as, broadening a European automotive supplier's global footprint with an acquisition in the Americas in 2009, or for a disaster recovery franchise in 2012.

Since 2013 we have been working with the leading new American carmaker on commodity strategies, technology roadmaps, and development and supply framework agreements.

We have been working with the leading global online-shopping company on accessing new markets, business analytics, and network flow optimization, since 2015.

Since 2017, we are leveraging our industry expertise with the power of one of the leading investment banks for emerging markets to expand in the technology sector.

2018 marked a pivotal point for our business, when we finalized a site selection project for a global supply chain company we have been working with since 2015. We also supported the development of a new electric car product introduction roadmap for one of the largest Automobile OEM’s.

In 2019 AREION will further its engagement with its investment banking partners and their clients.